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Frequently Asked Product Questions

Why buy a Pangolin® ballistic protection plate?

The Pangolin company offers products with unique ballistic performance in flexible, lightweight and comfortable packs.

These protective plates are adapted to all movements and morphologies, and respect the highest quality standards by using extremely high-performance technical products and guaranteeing entirely French production.

By offering innovative products for which the Pangolin company has won numerous awards in various competitions including the Defstart competition organized by the Defense Industries Center, the Pangolin company repatriates sovereign know-how to France and accelerates innovation for the personal protection.

The Pangolin company was also recognized for its innovations and excellence at the Eurosatory and Milipol exhibitions by receiving innovation awards at these exhibitions.

How effective is a ballistic armor plate?

The expected performance of ballistic protection depends on the design and materials we use for a specific product.

The level of protection tested is indicated on each ballistic protection plate.

Each plate is tested according to NIJ 0101.06 in independent French and American laboratories including National Technical System in Chesapeake (MD), an NIJ certified laboratory.

Where are Pangolin® ballistic protection plates made?

Pangolin ballistic protection plates are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops in Haute-Marne. Our production process meets high quality requirements.

What level of protection should I choose?

Current threats are evolving towards massive use of assault rifles and long weapons with rapid projectiles, such as the AK47. Current soft protections widely used by law enforcement do not offer any protection against this type of threat.

Faced with this observation, Pangolin engineers have developed a complete range of flexible protection adapted to different types of threats up to armor-piercing munitions.

Each product offers a level of protection that exceeds current protection standards for soft vests and guarantees comfort, flexibility and lightness thanks to unique technology in the world.

For use in a theater of operations where threats only include threats of handguns and knives, NIJ3A soft protections are suitable.

What level of comfort do Pangolin NIJ3++ flexible ballistic protections provide?

Ballistic protection plates are the only flexible plates guaranteeing protection against 7.62×39 API BZ armor-piercing ammunition which have lower depressions than the standards imposed by the NIJ standard.

The use of these plates significantly increases the comfort, responsiveness and endurance of the operator. This is explained by the increase in the bearing surface and the number of contact points between the plate and the operator's torso.

Just as a well-fitted backpack feels lighter than an improperly adjusted backpack, FI/RA NIJ3++ ballistic armor plates have a lower perceived weight.

In addition, Pangolin Défense plates are the only ones to have the particularity of presenting multi-axial flexibility. This makes it possible to naturally accompany all body movements and postures, and helps increase the responsiveness of operators. Thanks to this flexible system, unique in the world, Pangolin plates are invisible when in use.

Is my bulletproof vest compatible with Pangolin protection?

FI/RA ballistic protection plates comply with the dimensions of the SAPI format (250x300x27mm) defined by NATO standards. They can be integrated into the majority of plate holders available on the market.

The dimensions of Pangolin Defense NIJ 3A level ballistic inserts are by default defined in relation to the dimensions of our vests. However, they are also available in BALC format and National Police format.

Product Care

How do I clean my ballistic protection?

Ballistic armor plates should be cleaned by hand in warm water (do not submerge) with a weak detergent and dried at room temperature before reinserting.

The plates should never be cleaned in the washing machine or dried at high temperatures.

How do I store my ballistic protection?

Ballistic protection equipment should be stored flat, protected from sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Delivery and returns

Which countries do you deliver to?

The Pangolin Défense company makes international deliveries for ballistic protection up to NIJ 3A level.

The export of equipment for military use (NIJ3++ level) is regulated. It is currently limited to the national territory for the civilian market.

What is the delivery delay ?

Since most of our products are available off the shelf, small orders can be delivered within two weeks. However, as all our products are entirely manufactured in our workshops in Haute-Marne, additional delays may apply. Delivery may therefore be delayed by 6 weeks (maximum).

Can I buy a Pangolin® ballistic armor plate?

The purchase, possession and wearing of ballistic protection plates are entirely legal in France and abroad and do not require any special authorization or declaration. Only the export of NIJ3++ level ballistic protection is subject to licensing.