Riot shield


Riot shield is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

In the event of out of stock, the shields are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.


Manufactured in Europe in Lexan™ polycarbonate, developed and tested with and for operators, the Pangolin riot shield stands out for its mechanical performance and adaptability.


  • Average weight : 4 kg
  • Shape : rectangular with rounded corners
  • Bending radius : 895 mm
  • Dimensions : length: 1000 mm; width: 650 mm (Dimensions and equipment adaptable on request)
  • Thickness : 80 mm (mattress + shell curve + handle)
  • Composition of the Lexan™ 9030 & 9030 TG shell
  • Transmittance : 86%


  • EN 166 & EN170 certification for ballistic shields (mechanical resistance and optical quality)
  • Protective seal: glued, tear-resistant
  • Positioning of interior hook-and-loop markings up to 350x100 mm
  • Attachment for Stick or Tonfa
  • Ultra-light, impact-resistant polymer handle provides excellent freedom of movement
  • Central foam strip to absorb shock and improve comfort
  • Ambidextrous
    • Accessories on request: Nylon carrying and transport cover
    • Warranty: 5 years


    • Hull resistance: 900 joules
    • Stone throwing / Steel balls / Bolts / Cobblestones / Iron bars / Distress flares / Acid / Molotov cocktail
    • Temperature test: Product performance is not affected in circumstances between -20°C and +55°C

    USE :

    PLEASE NOTE: Shields do not provide unlimited protection. For your own protection, read these instructions completely before using them.

    The shields are designed to be attached to the non-dominant arm and held at a slight inward angle to deflect objects thrown toward the ground. The ergonomic handle design allows the user to use both hands in extreme impact conditions and is dielectric, preventing the passage of electricity.

    Storage Instructions

    Shields should be stored at room temperature - inside the package. Cardboard boxes can be stored stacked.

    Cleaning and disinfection

    After use, shields should be cleaned, disinfected and inspected. They should be cleaned using ONLY mild soap and water and then dried. After cleaning and drying, the user can inspect the shield for damage and replace damaged components.

    Area of ​​use

    Shields are designed to protect the user, although they can be used offensively in direct contact. They also protect against impacts, splashes and fragments.

    Spare parts and accessories

    The handling parts (handle and strap) are reversible and easy to change so they can be used by right-handed and left-handed people. They can also be replaced if they show signs of wear.


    Duration of use

    The estimated month and year of obsolescence of the shields is five (5) years in the event of exposure to significant risks.


    • Using any other lubricant containing chemicals to clean the screen may result in permanent visual impairment or other serious injury.
    • Never use for cleaning: alkaline cleaners - gasoline - lacquers - thinners - acetone - acetone type solvents or any other chemical cleaning product.
    • Never use thread locking products on screws.
    • In case of damage to the shields, there is a 5-year warranty for after-sales services - availability of all spare parts for the shields.
    • This product is intended to protect the body against moderate impact risks, but it is not unbreakable.
    • Pitted or scratched shields reduce vision and protection and should be replaced.
    • Materials that may come into contact with the wearer's skin may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.


    In the event of out of stock, the shields are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.