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Pangolin® NIJ 3A visor

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Niveau V50 VPAM

In case of stock shortage, visors are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.




The NIJ 3A Ballistic Visor from Pangolin Tactical Gear is an advanced protection solution designed to meet the most stringent personal security requirements. NIJ 3A certified, this visor combines innovative technologies and ergonomic design to offer optimal protection in all situations.




  • Certified Performance: NIJ certified Level IIIA ballistic protection
  • Exceptional Lightness: With a weight of only 1.5 kg, this visor offers unrivaled comfort, ideal for prolonged use without compromising safety.
  • Ergonomic Design: A slim 22mm profile ensures a perfect combination of lightness and robustness, offering optimal protection combined with comfort.
  • Dimensions: Benefit from extensive coverage with dimensions of 380cm x 145cm, ensuring maximum protection without restricting mobility.
  • Exceptional Optical Clarity: A brightness of 83.9% guarantees clear visibility in all conditions, ensuring optimal performance when in use.
  • Convenient Attachment: Equipped with the Skeleton rail attachment system, the visor provides secure attachment while allowing convenient folding for versatile use.
  • Field tested: Validated and used by professionals, this visor has been subjected to rigorous testing in real conditions to guarantee its reliability and operational performance.






  • Advanced Materials: Made with a composite of PMMA, PC and TPU for an optimal combination of strength and lightness.
  • Weight: 1.5 kg.
  • Thickness: 22 mm.
  • Dimensions: 380cm x 145cm.
  • Brightness: 83.9%.
  • Fixing System: Skeleton Rail (folding).




  • Certified bulletproof according to NIJ 3 A standard 0106.01, ensuring reliable protection against ballistic threats (9mm and 44 magnum caliber)



In case of stock shortage, visors are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.