Bulletproof vest Full Protection OTV NIJ 3A


Bulletproof vest Full Protection OTV NIJ 3A - XS/S is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

In case of stock shortage, OTV vests are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.




The CENTRVEST™ Full Protection OTV Vest, with visible port, is designed to offer an ergonomic and functional solution for maximum protection suitable for all types of users.

This vest is equipped with specific features to meet the needs of law enforcement officers on duty.




  • Central Zipper Opening : The front/central zipper provides quick access and added security.
  • Modular markings : The removable flaps mounted on a self-gripping support (Velcro Male hook 5 mm) allow great modularity both on the chest and in the back. At the front and rear, removable flaps mounted on hook-and-loop support have locations for the blue Gitanes strips on a gray background, whether retroreflective or not, in compliance with current legislation (decree of May 5, 2014).
  • Comfort and Support : This cover is equipped with an elastic back support belt and a pad for better lumbar comfort.
  • Pockets and Accessories : It includes right and left Napoleon pockets, 2 quick-access front and vertical ZIP pockets on the right and left, loops on the shoulders for attaching microphones/radios, and an integrated extraction handle.
  • MOLLE® system : This cover is equipped with a MOLLE® (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) attachment system which allows you to attach various equipment and accessories in a modular manner. MOLLE® loops on 5 levels allow the carrying of different pockets and/or equipment, as well as the attachment of various accessories (for example: radio holder, lamp holder, handcuff holder, 500ml gas holder, LBD cartridge holder, phone) on the front of the vest.
  • Size Range : Available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, to suit different body types.
  • Lateral Tightening System: A lateral tightening system allows precise adjustment for greater comfort and safety. Washable Cover: This cover is washable for easy maintenance and increased durability.
  • Lightweight with Breathable Interior System: This vest is lightweight and has a breathable interior system for optimal comfort.
  • Interior pockets : front and rear pocket to hold SAPI format ballistic protection plates such as those from the FI/RA or HI/RA range. Preferably take ICW plates in order to benefit from the best protection for a lower weight.
  • Reference: OTV-TAC
  • Composition : 100% polyamide PU coating, 500 denier nylon
  • Optional Carrying Case : An optional carrying case is available for secure and discreet transport.


This CENTRVEST™ Full Protection OTV cover is a versatile and highly functional solution, meeting the needs of operators in risky theaters of operation. It offers a combination of comfort, durability and safety for daily use in the field.


Noticed : This product is only compatible with our NIJ 3A protection range from the FI/LA range, which includes the FI/LA PRO™ , FI/LA FLEX™ and FI/LA LIGHT™ soft inserts. If you wish to add FI/LA STAB protection , please contact our customer service.



In case of stock shortage, OTV vests are available for pre-order and can be delivered within 4 months.