Condor(r) GADGET pouch


In case of stock shortage, the Condor® GADGET Pouch is available for pre-order and deliverable within 2 months.




ThecCondor® GADGET Pouch represents functionality and versatility, providing a smart solution for carrying and organizing your essential gadgets and accessories. Whether they're professionals on mission, outdoor enthusiasts, or everyday users looking for efficient organization, this pouch stands out for its thoughtful design and practicality.




Smart Compartmentalization: The pouch is equipped with multiple compartments, providing dedicated space for your electronic gadgets, cables, batteries, pens, notebooks and other essential accessories. This optimal organization guarantees quick access to each element without compromising security.

Robust Zippers: Quality zippers provide an airtight structure, keeping your gadgets protected against wind, dust or rain. The robustness of the zippers guarantees long-term durability, even under intensive use conditions.

Carrying Versatility: The pouch is designed to accommodate various carrying configurations. It can be attached to belts, backpacks or other equipment thanks to its MOLLE attachment system. This versatility guarantees maximum adaptability according to your needs and preferences.


Technical characteristics :


  • High-Quality Materials: The Condor(r) GADGET Pouch is made from durable materials, resistant to daily wear and varied environmental conditions.

  • Compact Dimensions: With optimized dimensions, this pouch offers a compact solution while still having enough space to store your gadgets in an orderly manner. The dimensions guarantee carrying the bag without excessive bulk.

  • Elegant and Functional Design: The sleek and functional design of the pouch combines aesthetics and practicality. Its modern aesthetic aligns with its ability to meet organizational needs efficiently.




The Condor® GADGET Pouch is the ideal accessory for those looking for a smart and secure carrying solution for their gadgets and accessories. With its sleek design, practical features and sturdy construction, it represents a safe investment for those who want to transport their accessories while remaining mobile.


In case of stock shortage, the Condor® GADGET Pouch is available for pre-order and deliverable within 2 months.